What's happening in Zapped Series 2?

Brian is still trapped in a parallel universe - so what's going to happen now?

Zapped series 2

Episode 1 - THE TRIAL

Trapped in a parallel universe, office temp Brian Weaver has been locked up and charged with triggering the Snail Wars. Steg opts to represent him in court, persuading Brian to face Trial by Combat with a terrifying warrior named Radnok.

Barbara has abandoned soothsaying to become a blacksmith, Herman's cooking rotten fish and Howell has moved into the cat retrieval business, which involves first kidnapping the cats.

Can the gang free Brian before he faces certain death at the hands of Radnok?

Episode 2 - MAGIC DARTS

Keen to protect himself from further harm, Brian takes a crash course in magic from Howell. Obviously, this lands him in even greater danger.

Back in The Jug and The Other Jug, Steg accidentally becomes a father, Barbara loses her only soothsaying client and Herman nails a dartboard to the pub wall. Unfortunately this attracts the attention of the Fairies, who soon become obsessed. The only way to remove them is to orchestrate a showdown, with high stakes and Barbara stepping up to the oche.

Episode 3 - THE PARTY

Looking to make new friends, Brian heads to a trendy - but exclusive - new bar that's opened by Munty docks. Surely his clip-on tie will impress the doorman?

Barbara bumps into an old school friend, who's now a successful businesswoman. She offers a rare magical object to Howell and a lucrative property deal to Barbara. It's almost too good to be true.

While Brian proves a massive hit with the bar's cool clientele, he begins to realise that these people are not quite what they seem.

Episode 4 - PEAR FAIR

It's Munty's famous Pear Fair and Herman's favourite time of year. Who knows, The Jug and The Other Jug might even attract some new customers.

Barbara is desperate to take advantage of a rare opportunity to get into the Seers' Guild while Howell is under pressure from Slasher Morgan to fix a high-stakes card game. If he fails his life won't be worth living.

Brian lands the world's easiest job - guarding Munty's sacred Albino Pear Tree. Even with Steg alongside him, they can't mess this up, can they?

Episode 5 - SHOWTIME

Desperate to reach the City of a Thousand Towers before the Super Solstice, Brian ingratiates himself with a group of travelling Players, in town to stage the annual Munty Play.

Meanwhile Howell is trying to catch a feral Throck (a homicidal turkey with vicious teeth), Steg is stirring up the local Orc population and when Barbara stumbles across a Fairy with a broken wing, it looks like love might be in the air.

As the entire town converges on the Playhouse, the scene is set for an explosive climax.

Episode 6 - THE HENGE

It's the Super Solstice, Brian's last chance to get home. He just needs to break into the Protector's mysterious Henge while Howell performs the incantation to cross worlds.

There's only one problem - keeping Howell alive and sober enough to cast the spell. Drastic measures are required and Howell is forced to go cold turkey - with unexpected consequences.

Meanwhile Steg gets stuck into a new job, Barbara meets a tall dark stranger and Herman wonders if it's time to sell up and move to the seaside.

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