About Yianni: Supercar Customiser

Yianni is the go to guy for celebrities, footballer and social media stars who want their cars to be unique.

Yianni: Supercar Customiser

Starts Wednesday 10th January

His team of skilled wrappers can turn a car any colour you want - from glitter gold gloss to matte finish camouflage. This brand-new series follows Yianni as he runs this successful London based business. He is the charismatic character at the heart of the show and it is his engaging personality which dominates the series.

As well as coping with the pressures of looking after his A-list clientele, Yianni must manage a busy garage full of big personalities and ensure that the luxurious cars, supercars and SUVs that roll into his place are wrapped and converted to perfection and leave looking impeccable.

The Yiannimize workshop is like the 'United Nations' with workers from across Europe and the Philippines. The team who work for Yianni are highly skilled and can strip and wrap any car - whatever the size or price tag. Across the series they work on two million pound hypercars and hot hatches - fashionable SUVs and cool coupes. There are three distinct teams in the workshop. The strippers - Mike and Pav - strip cars down ready for wrapping. The wrappers are the artists who show an incredible attention to detail as they take vinyl wrap and sculpt it around the bodywork of the cars. Then there are the juniors who are learning the trade and do a lot of the heavy lifting and cleaning.

In the first episode, the high tech hybrid supercar is bound for Yianni's home country, Cyprus, so the work must be 'on point'. But when the dealer handling the transfer tells him it's got to be on a boat at the end of the week, that really ratchets up the pressure. The Beemer is heading to a Russian client who wants to stand out among the newly moneyed set of the island.

Damage to the dragon fire red vinyl slows progress and then Yianni decides to take on another job in the same week. He meets Ninu and her 458 Ferrari. She needs subtle window tints and a front end makeover. She wants her car to look more like Yianni's Aventador. Her deadline is just 24 hours! Yianni has to use his entire team on these two cars. But with such a short timeframe can they deliver the 'Deadline car' and a Ferrari reboot?

Next, Charlie Sloth is a well known urban DJ, 'the PLUG' who connects the street to the wider world. Now he's going on tour to get his music out there and he wants his tour bus given the Yianni bling. As old friends Yianni takes the job on at short notice, but it proves a really tough digital print to work with.

Right in the middle of the work comes Supercar Sunday, a huge gathering of the best supercars money can buy. Yianni is the main attraction and is mobbed by his social media friends. The cars on display are incredible - including a Koenigseigg Agera S, but Yianni is not here to just admire the metal, he's after a job too. Can a chance meet with a previous client yield another well paid job on a hypercar?

Back at the workshop and Charlie is due to pick up his big Merc. Will the finished van look like a tour bus or an electrician's van?

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