Conversations Against Living Miserably is a podcast made by British TV channel Dave in support of CALM, The Campaign Against Living Miserably. It is hosted by stand up comedian Lauren Pattison and mental health author Aaron Gillies and each week talks to comedians about how they try to live their lives with the least amount of misery possible.

Our aim with this podcast was to talk about a sensitive subject in a light hearted and easy way, with real stories being told by funny people, to help our listeners know that we aren't alone, that we all go through tough times, and that there is help out there if you want it. We wanted to use Dave's position as a comedy channel to reach an audience that doesn't normally talk openly about mental health, to help normalise the conversation and let people know it's ok to be honest.

Dave donates all ad money made from the podcast to CALM, so every listen is a donation to a charity that helps thousands of people a month.

Each episode gains 4000 listens in the 30 days of being published, and we have worked with some incredible comedians including a whole host of high profile British comedians Rose Matafeo, Darren Harriot, Cariad Lloyd, Jenny Eclair and Paul Sinha, all of whom have been honest and open about their own stories, and shared them with our audiences.

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