What is Used Car Wars?

See what's behind the rivalry of the two businesses and their forecourt flattery, back office banter, wind-ups and grievances galore.

The maverick Caralot

This brand-new series is set in the hyper-competitive, mischievous world of second-hand car sales.

In the heart of Derby a war has been raging for the past few years between two of the town's biggest used car dealerships - the maverick Caralot and the straight-laced, well-oiled corporate machine that is Geoff Cox Used Cars.

For years these two salt-of-the earth dealerships have indulged in low-level skirmishes - challenging each other to chilli eating competitions and pranks and general tomfoolery to wind each other up

Now their rivalry is about to erupt in full technicolor as they go head-to-head trying to convince punters to part with their cash, and whoever makes the most profit each week wins bragging rights and the choice of what forfeit the losers must face.

In the first of the double-bills, the week gets off to a monstrous start as Howie is told off for eating crisps at every opportunity but Caralot's spirits soar when helium balloons give their sales a lift. What's more they successfully prank arch-rivals Geoff Cox with some after-hours sabotage... but who's going to have the last laugh?

The series offers unrestricted access to the rivalry of the two businesses and their forecourt flattery, back-office banter and wind-ups and grievances galore.

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