About Unspun With Matt Forde

Recorded the same day as transmission, Matt's irreverent look at the politics and politicians of today will let viewers laugh at a world that often seems to be falling apart.

About Unspun With Matt Forde

"Unspun has quickly established itself as the official opposition to mainstream political debate with its smart mix of comedy, satire and debate - not only attracting big laughs but some of the biggest names in British politics onto the show."

Tim Glanfield, Radio Times

Matt Forde once again offers his sharp take on breaking news and current affairs alongside delving in to the more human side of Britain's leading political figures through in-studio interviews.

Over the last three series, Matt has witnessed Tony Blair's impersonation of an Italian Prime Minister's reaction to a fatal lapse of diplomacy involving a pizza tie, Harriet Harman recounting how previous shadow health minister, Robin Cook, totally misconstrued a trip to the cinema with her children and Ann Widdecombe opening up about joining an altogether different pantomime featuring Basil Brush after leaving Parliament.

In addition to Matt tackling some of the biggest stories in politics including EU divorce bills, Westminster hatches and dispatches and the impending impeachment of Donald Trump (the last one might be wishful thinking), he'll also be joined by special guest comedians to unpick the week's events and no episode would be complete without the backing of the country's only rock band made up of current and former politicians, MP4.

And, for the first time, the topical political comedy chat show, recorded on the same evening of transmission, will also have an extended in-depth version, Unspun XL with Matt Forde on Wednesdays at 11pm.

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