Uncover Undercover

Meet Chris. He's neurotic, lonely, timid, scared...and deep undercover with a vicious Armenian crime family.

Uncover Undercover

Undercover, a brand new original scripted comedy exclusive to Dave, tells the story of Chris, played by BAFTA Award winner Daniel Rigby (Eric and Ernie, Big School, Black Mirror). Chris is a deeply neurotic, socially inept, extremely lonely, over-analytical metrosexual former traffic cop. So of course he finds himself infiltrating a violent Armenian crime family.

Because his uncle is Greek (and Greece is pretty close to Armenia), Chris is fast-tracked into 'Operation Piccolo'. His mission: to smoke out the head honchos of the Sarkissian family and bring them all to justice. And things get a lot more serious when Chris is finally accepted into the family's inner circle.

While awkward Chris tries to blend in with excessively violent gangsters and tries his best not to get rumbled on a daily basis, he has to contend Sarkissian family feuds.

But when he's not fearing for his life he's falling in love...with two women - his ambitious new police handler and only contact to the outside world, Zoe (Sarah Alexander - Coupling, Green Wing) and Lara, the beautiful yet manipulative femme fatale of the crime family with an agenda of her own.

Show producer Henry Normal said, "It's sort of Donnie Brasco as a comedy. Full of jeopardy and tension."

Undercover starts on Dave Tuesday June 16 at 9pm.

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