Top 10 stars in reasonably priced cars

Celebs wouldn't normally be seen dead in a motor unless it had enough bling to make P Diddy's pad look like a portaloo. Top Gear's 'Star in a reasonably priced car' has changed that, leaving A-listers falling over themselves to swap their Hummers for Lianas and Lacettis. Here's our favourite moments so far

Louis Hammilton

1. Billy Baxter

Of all the stellar names who have taken part in the 'star…'challenge, Billy Baxter's isn't the most recognisable. But the blind former Bosnian war vet's lap was one of the most remarkable. We're not sure what we enjoyed more - the clearly sweaty and palm-wringing Jeremy Clarksonwho acted as his eyes, or the fact that Billy topped the times of Terry Wogan and Richard Whiteley, but either way it was pure TV gold.

2. Michael Gambon

Top Gear](/shows/top-gear/ "Top Gear"), Michael Gambon was known for his impressive acting CV and that quote about his attempts at being gay making his eyes water. All that changed when he clambered into the Liana though, or more specifically when he nearly rolled the Liana on the final bend. Forget Oscars or BAFTAs, getting his name etched onto the Top Gear track's Gambon Corner will always be his career highlight.

3. Lionel Richie

Hello, is it me-chanics you're looking for? Quite frankly, yes. Poor old Lionel may be able to stir up a Commodore commotion behind the mic but his enduring contribution to the world of televised motoring is losing a wheel off a car which he could probably buy with the change from his lunch. All that time making clay models of his face has clearly dulled his driving skills, but at least he wasn't dancing on the ceiling. In a ditch. Upside down.

4. David Soul

While Lionel's driving may have been a little lacking, David Soul's was just plain reckless. Fair enough, Americans are used to cars which are the size of a small village, but nonetheless the Soul man was rougher than a bear's rear-end with the poor defenceless Liana. Breaking one gearbox is bad, but breaking two is practically car abuse. Just as well he's got the acting to fall back on.

5. Christopher Eccleston

Watching Chris' 'star in a reasonably priced car' left us feeling nostalgic for school PE lessons, particularly the kid in swimming who had to wear armbands. Chris, for all his time-travelling Tardisry can only drive automatics you see, so the Top Gear lads showed they're a caring, cuddly bunch and got hold of one for him. Imagine having to break the news to Clarkson – Chris is a brave, brave man and should be applauded, not patronised. Maybe.

6. Johnny Vegas

Human history is packed with instances of mammoth courage. The first person to use a zebra crossing, the first person to tell Steven Seagal he'd got a bit chunky. So many heroes. All of that pales however when you consider that - at some point - the decision was made to allow Johnny Vegas behind the wheel of a car, before he'd even passed his driving test. Presumably the 'L' plate stood for lunatics, namely the ones in charge of celeb booking.

7. Jimmy Carr

While Jimmy Carr may look a little like a ventriloquist's dummy, he more than makes up for it with his dazzling wit and one-liners. One thing you'd never have accused him of, though, is being cool, so his new hot-shot status as a pace-setter in the Liana was confusing. Spinning off in the Lacetti to set a time so slow there were rumours he was lapped by a sloth in a pair of Heely trainers saw normal service resumed, luckily.

8. Ellen MacArthur/Jay Kay

The two record holders aren't exactly likely bed-fellows. Ellen's best known for spending lots of time on her todd in rough waters, but all that time weeping in a yacht was clearly good preparation for captaining a car. Jay Kay's always been closely associated with high-end motors, but he showed he's more than just a titfer-sporting poser with a very nippy lap in a less than super-car. So celebs aren't all just pap-baiting ne'er do wells after all.

9. Lewis Hamilton

Ok, so hands up who at some point said 'he's not that good, it's all about the car' when discussing the hottest property in Formula One since Eddie Irvine's little black book? Well, millionaire man-child Lewis took on the challenge of the Top Gear track and, we can officially confirm, it's not all about the car. Almost topping the Stig, and on a wet surface to boot, the boy did good. He'll go far, this lad.

10. Michael Schumacher

While we're debunking myths we're truly very sorry to announce that Germans actually do have a sense of humour after all. Well, this one does at least. The daddy of F1 not only played along with the revelations he was in fact the Stig, but he also had the good grace to show the world that he's no good at driving after all. Those titles mean nothing now, having bunny-hopped his way along the track. That Schumacher, eh. He's no Simon Cowell.

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