Will Forte and Kristen Schaal interview

Obviously we have an unlimited budget on Dave, so we jetted our roving reporter Executive Class over to the US to meet Last Man on Earth stars Will Forte and Kristen Schaal in a luxury hotel. Or he may have just phoned them and not told us.

The Last Man on Earth

Dave: As show premises go, having the central character as the last surviving man on Earth feels like it has literally nowhere to go. How on earth (laughs sheepishly) did you develop the show from the corner you'd seemingly painted yourself into?

Will Forte: Well it's interesting because we, Chris Miller, Phil Lord, (Exec Producers) and I came up with the concept. Then I kind of went off and just with this conversation, worked up my own little arc of the season. Then we all got together and made changes to that. I think initially we always knew the general pattern of character introductions and that stuff throughout the season. It was a challenge to see if we could pull it off. You know, for some people we did, and for some people we didn't. That was what we wanted to do was to try that out.

Dave: And your character, he's... well, he's not particularly nice. Surely it was a risk to make him, essentially, a shit-head?

Will: I don't know that we knew that I was going to be such a shit-head until we got to it and it just seemed like the appropriate thing to do. I think the plan was at first, to maybe make me somehow... maybe not go to such a scheme-y, deceitful place with this, but then it felt like the right thing to do.

Dave: If this really happened what would you miss the most about life as we know it?

Kristen Schaal: I think I would miss culture actually, even though I make fun of it all the time. I think I would miss the constant stimulus of like a new song radio, a new movie coming out, and a new television show. That's all I would miss. And all the fine art I collect.

Dave: You collect fine art?

Kristen: We got to make sure we keep our fine art community alive and thriving. I feel like no one is talking about whose next in the fine art world... You want to shout out a name for someone. See that's the problem.

Dave: How about you Will? What would you miss? Antique coffee tables by any chance?

Will: Family and friends. Kristen's got it absolutely wrong. I can't believe, you don't love your family?

Kristen: Just kidding. I'm just mixing it up, yeah I love my family!

Will: Family is the right answer. And Kristen is talking about art.

Kristen: I mean, family is going to go anyway the older we get but culture continues. In this situation it doesn't. So take that to the bank, biotch!

Will: Family might not go the older we get because we might die before them. Nailed it.

Dave: Dropped a bombshell there. Talking of dying, I know there was a virus, but will there be more of an explanation of why things are the way they are?

Will: We talk from time to time potentially about going into that a little bit more. We do have ideas for that, but we don't feel like we have to do it. If we can find an interesting way to touch on it we will. I think we're more interested in just little tidbits about it instead of a major episode explaining what the virus was.

Dave: In the first episode, when you find out you're the last man on earth, you go off the rails for a while. How much of that stuff would you really like to do?

Will: I don't know. Certainly it was a heightened version of the scenario and it's a crazy scenario that would very likely never happen. But I think a lot of that stuff is something I would do. You know, the wish fulfilment stuff, certainly. That just sounded like something fun to do. So I think a lot of that little kid stuff, just going around breaking stuff, is definitely something I would do. And as far as the drinking side of it, I have to do something, I don't know. Probably would drink a little bit.

Dave: A little bit...?

Will: A responsible amount.

Dave: I often ask my colleagues if they'd like to go out for a responsible amount after work.

Kristen: I think I would do something very similar to what his character does. I think it would be very sad, so I would be angry. Destroying stuff would be gratifying. Drinking, yeah.

Dave: Presumably it would be pretty terrifying as well...

Kristen: Yeah, I think it would be really scary to be alone. I think I would feel very scared, in general. I would be afraid of injuring myself. Because I'm clumsy anyways so I feel like I wouldn't move very much. I would preserve my body as best as I could. I would create new works of art haha.

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