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Tim Vine is one of the finest gag-smiths around, the king of the witty one-liner, with a rapid-fire delivery faster than Karen Carpenter’s metabolism.

Tim Vine

He's won our award for the Funniest Joke at the Fringe twice, and he's been punning his way to the top ever since.

It's not always been roses and champagne though, Tim's actually had quite an impressive range of questionable presenting jobs including Fluke, Housemates and Fort Boyard Takes on the World, and starred in a celebrity version of Fort Boyard which we reckon is cheating as he got to watch it all the time, being a presenter and all that.

Where else have you spotted Tim?

Tim Vine - The Joke-A-Motive

Not Going Out

and, most importantly,


But aside from all that, Tim's an unlikely stand-up comic, not because he doesn't have the skills - he has those in abundance - but his pedigree genes suggested a knack for the more serious side of life: his older brother is news-head Jeremy Vine.

What Tim lacks in political insight he more than makes up for in one-liners, and even went so far as to try and make his unique routine an official phenomenon with a Guinness World Record attempt for most jokes told in an hour, in 2004. The lad smashed it, with a whopping 499 - the previous record was 362 - making him the Usain Bolt of quips. Sadly he had the record snatched back off him in 2005 by Aussie comedian Anthony "Lehmo" Lehmann who snuck ahead with 549 jokes. We still prefer Tim Vines punning talents though.

In case you hadn't guessed, Tim Vine mainly deals in puns. His one-liners even win awards, like ours, with the public judging this little number; "I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again", and "I've decided to sell my Hoover...well, it was just collecting dust."

He's amassed quite the telly CV (aside from the dubious gameshow presenting roles) and was one of the writers on ITV's The Sketch Show, and is perhaps best known for his role in pal Lee Mack's Not Going Out as, er, Lee's posh mate Tim.

He's not just a one trick pony though - he's now after Greg Davies' approval in the new series of Taskmaster.

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