Taskmaster: Tim Key

Poet. Comedian. Spokesman for our generation? Tim Key is at least two of those things. And he's certainly on the show - there's no doubt about that.

Tim Key

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So Tim, in your own words, what is Taskmaster?

It's a show where you go along and you are given tasks which you have to complete as well as you can, or as quickly as you can.

Do you regret taking part in Taskmaster?

No, I enjoyed it.

Really? Any regret at all? At any point in the process?

Yes I regretted it once.

If you could get a comedian to replace you, who would you choose?

Tuffnell. Phil Tufnell.

Definitely Tuffnell? Just because he has the same sort of vibe as you?

Yeh, or maybe someone like Matt Dawson.

How would you like to be remembered, what's your legacy?

From Taskmaster? Well, the ones where I felt like I really nailed it were the teabag, the high five and the cooking.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would like people to imagine me trying to carry 20 kilos of ice down a verge. My idea for that one was to go to the riverbank and throw the ice off, but the tide was out.

It's not really a legacy is it?

What does legacy mean?

It's more like money you leave behind to set up a foundation. Would you like to do that?

I'd like to give my fee away to charity.

Will you do that?

I don't think so.

Who do you think is going to win?


Who do you think is going to lose?


Where will you end up?


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