Taskmaster: Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh seems to have a grudge against... well, the whole world, so it should be amusing, to say the least, to see how the grumpy comic copes with the Taskmaster's demands.

Romesh Ranganathan

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Now that the dust has settled, as it were, do you regret taking part in Taskmaster?

When I was first approached about the show I was told that there would be no embarrassment or humiliation and it would be very light hearted and fun but what I found is that some of the tasks have been humiliating, some have been embarrassing and others I don't really want going out on TV but I've signed the thing now so that's out of my control.

It's just a yes or no really.

If you're asking me if I regret doing the show: yes, yes I do.

When you agreed to take part did you think you'd win?

What do you mean, do you think I won't win?

I don't have an opinion.

Yes I still thought I'm going to win, until this.

Looking back over the tasks now do you think you'd change your general approach and attitude?

I wouldn't change my attitude, I think my attitude has been bang-on. My approach however... the running clock affected me more than I would have liked. As soon as the clock started running I panicked and I wish it hadn't done that.

Who is the Taskmaster in your own words?

It's very difficult to put the words 'Greg Davies' into my own words.

Well, if you could try?

He is an authoritarian comedian who is responsible for overseeing all of the tasks and he has the ultimate and final word on who has done the best in the tasks. How was that?

Incredibly perfunctory. So how do you think the Taskmaster will judge your efforts?

I think that the Taskmaster will judge my efforts fairly and with the understanding that I have been enthusiastic and eager to perform to the best of my abilities in all tasks.

Finally, what would you like to be your legacy from this show? How would you like us to remember Romesh?

I'd like my legacy to be somebody who really went for it. I didn't leave any of myself behind.

What do you think it will actually be though?

That's what I think it will be. What did you think?

You said you hoped? When you hope for something it rarely happens. So realistically what do you think it will be?

Well realistically, I think it will be as somebody who is punctual and hygienic, who opened the letter and read it and did what it asked. If you want me to answer the question what my legacy would be realistically then that's it.

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