Taskmaster: Roisin Conaty

Some take to the tasks like comedy ducks to comedy water. Some, well, don't. But it's the taking part that counts, right?

Roisin Conaty

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What is Taskmaster?

Well.... you know, it's a man.

Good, good answer.

It's a man that is also a TV show.

Like mastermind?


Like Mr Bean?


Mr Ben?

No, Taskmaster is like Taskmaster.

Like nothing else?


If you could get a comedian to replace you, who would you choose?

Someone not very good, to make you appreciate me more. I wouldn't get someone who you would go, 'oh good choice'.

Who is the worst comedian?

Well I would never say, would I? Because I'm not that kind of person.

Give us three.

I would get this lady who is really inept, who works in a bakery in Crouch-End and I'd pretend she was a comedian and I'd bring her in.

So you'd really screw over the show for the sake of your reputation?

For my ego, yeah.

When you agreed to take part, did you think you'd win?

I didn't think I'd lose.

That's quite Zen.

That's what they say about me.

So fourth or something like that?

I thought, you know, that I'm going to be vulnerable, I'm going to put myself out there. I'd read a book by Brene Brown about vulnerability. I thought by being vulnerable I might win.

How do you feel about Greg as the Taskmaster? Is it different to your normal relationship?

No it's very similar really, a lot of bossing around.

Is it normally the other way?

Yeah yeah. I think he's a good Taskmaster, it suits his demeanour.

How do you think the Taskmaster will judge your efforts?

I think harshly, based on previous experience. It depends on what he's eaten, if he's tired, if he's happy in his own life.

What do you think will make him judge it in a fair way, which foods?

If we can get to the point where he judges my tasks not long after a nap and a sandwich, we are all doing alright.

Take away that sandwich...?

Ah it's going to be all about the rules, all about the flaws.

What if we forced him to eat too much?

I think then he'll just sleep anyway... and that's just worse.

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