Taskmaster: Josh Widdicombe

Just how will Taskmaster impact the landscape of TV in this country? Well, who better to ask than tousle-haired scamp Josh Widdicombe?

Josh Widdicombe

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In your own words Josh, what is Taskmaster to you?

I think Taskmaster is the future of British entertainment television.

So the future, not the current?

Well, it's not in the can yet as we speak.

So it's entertainment that's going to happen in the future?



I don't think you've got a Big Brother on your hands let's put it that way.

No international sales at all for this? Japan?

I fear that in Japan this would be considered too mainstream, slightly pedestrian.

Instead of painting a horse while sitting on a horse what do you think the Japanese would do?

Hammering genitals to a horse while sitting on a horse.

If you could get a comedian to replace you, who would you choose?

Oh Jack Dee, I'd love to see him, I think he'd hate every minute of it. That's what we're here for, right?

When you agreed to take part in The Taskmaster did you think you'd win?

I never thought I'd win and then we got started and I thought I'm doing quite well at this, then I tailed off.

Where do you think you'll come?

Above Roisin.

Well above Roisin?

I might come 4th out of 5 but still well clear of Roisin.

Really? Are you that pessimistic?

You have met her haven't you?

No I mean are you that pessimistic about the other three contestants?

Yeah, I think they are all quite competitive people. Key is more competitive than he'd like to let on.

If you look back now over the tasks, do you think you would change your general approach at all?

I think I've been pretty consistent.

What is your general approach?

Thoughtful, like trying to work out if there is a way you can do it rather than just going in and doing it.


Well I haven't seen anyone else.

But in your mind?

Oh, Roisin.

So you would stick with that thoughtful approach, you don't think you dithered too much?

I don't think I dithered too much. The worst words you can read are 'the time starts now'. The tactic I've learnt through the show is that if you glance down it says 'the time starts when you read this' so you can kind of stumble on reading the question a few times to buy yourself some time.

Yeah that didn't go completely un-noticed. I think that shows how competitive you are...

Or how I like to think outside the box. Now, looking back, I regret ever saying the 'time starts now'.

That would have literally ruined the show.

Yeah, but a win's a win at the end of the day mate, you've got to literally grind them out.

How do you think the Taskmaster will judge your efforts, do you think he's going to be fair?

I think he will be fair. I hope he's pleased with the amount of effort I've put in and that I've taken it seriously. As long as he understands this is a serious business and not just some mess around TV show.

You've put everything into it have you?

Not everything, I've still got stuff left in the tank.

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