Taskmaster: Frank Skinner

He's usually in control, sitting in the host's chair, so how will Frank take to being a team member faced with some potentially humiliating and humbling tasks?

Frank Skinner

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Any regrets at this stage having taken part?

No, I don't regret taking part; it's actually been a bit like the closest I'll ever be to being in the Olympics. But with zero team spirit.

If you could get a comedian to replace you who would you choose?

To replace me in this? Well I'd stick with Ken Dodd as I think it's good that you've got an older statesman.

You think Doddy? Even though he's against the clock?

Yes, I think he'd be fine with that. It would be a good discipline for him.

When you agreed to take part did you think you'd win, did you have a winning mentality?

Well I have an optimistic mentality generally. I do a radio show and what I really like about it is that you can't hear the audience reaction; so in my mind everything I say has got people rolling around in laughter at home. And with this, until I meet the competitors and see what they have done, I really feel, generally speaking, that I have done the best. [Phone rings] That will be my agent; it's too late now. Shall I get it?

Well you might as well.

Hello, ok, mmm, ok.

Good news?

Ken Dodd said he can't do Tuesdays.

Dodd's off, that's a shame. In general do you think you're good at tasks?

I think just before I open the envelope I have a sense that I won't be able to do it but, once the challenge is at my door as it were, I somewhat surprising myself as I feel like I often spring into action.

Did it cross your mind: should I try and win this or should I try and be funny doing this?

Well, I'm operating on two levels, it's head and heart, I do want to win definitely but I do realise that if I did have a straight forward answer to every task it would be pretty dull.

So you don't want to win ugly, you don't want to "Chelsea" this?

No, no I can see myself ending up like Kevin Keegan's Newcastle, won't quite win it but entertained a lot of people.

And you'll get very frustrated with the person that does win it.

Yes and I'll probably look back and think that I shouldn't have got Tino Asprilla half way through the series.

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