Taskmaster: Alex Horne

As the Taskmaster's assistant, Alex will coax the contenders to show their creativity, cunning and competitiveness. Fantastic alliteration there. Just saying.

Alex Horne

Hello Alex. First question, do you think the Taskmaster will be pleased about the commitment the contests have shown?

For me, the Taskmaster is like sort of an enigma wrapped in a blanket and I'm not allowed to think for him or about him - that is one of his main rules.

How would you describe your role on Taskmaster?

What I do on the Taskmaster is very much a step on the career ladder, it's just sort of financial, get it done and get food for the children and to get them some shoes... the cold hungry children. Get them sorted.

Lovely, very nice. How would you describe your attention to detail?

I'm a details man; people keep telling me that I'm a details man. They've said it to me eighteen times and I agree.

Ok big one now. What is the Taskmaster really like?

Ham sandwiches and discipline I think.

Do any of the tasks stand out as being particularly memorable in your opinion?

It's hard to think of them. They blur as I've been there for all of them- so I've seen each of them five times - so definitely no is the answer but if I had to say yes, then I'd say yes.

Now in your own words Alex, who would you like to win Taskmaster?

For me it's either Roisin or Romesh Ranaganathan because I've been practicing their names and I've got them down, so that's purely based on pronunciation.

Anyone that you'd particularly like to lose?

Tough question. Tim Key because he is a former colleague of mine and it didn't end well, so it's nice to have a bit of revenge.

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