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Russell Howard was just 19 when he got to the final round of a Channel 4 comedy competition – the smug little scamp.

Russell Howard

Who's this young upstart? He's popped up all over the place, from Dave favourites, and now he's on Taskmaster.

Russell has been winning over audiences with his massive grin and effortless style since his initial rise to fame. He first came to the attention of the comedy world when he got to the final of the prestigious new stand up event So You Think Your Funny? at the Edinburgh Festival. Not bad considering he was at the time only 19. Even more impressive given it was only his fifth ever gig.

Where have you spotted Russell on Dave?


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Often given to improvisation, Russell shows an ability to branch off at tangents (often sparked by the audience) that you'd expect from a comic with far greater age and experience. Whether he's telling stories about his epileptic brother, laughing at his uselessness with women or bantering with hecklers in the audience, it's guaranteed to be classic material.

The key to Russell's success is that he manages to walk the line between credibility and boyish charm. The world of comedy is a dark, neurotic place and comics are often seen to be equally neurotic: twisted souls who use a microphone as therapy for their ever-growing list of annoyances, grievances, fears and paranoia.

Russell, on the other hand, comes across as someone who is genuinely thrilled to be there, visibly taking as much pleasure in making us laugh as we do laughing. Yet at the same time he never crosses over into sugary mainstream entertainment, he's not as happy as Michael McIntyre, but he's definitely not like miserable Jack Dee.

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