Mark Watson

Mark Watson is a comedian, author, pundit and husband. There is no end to his talents. Especially now that he is competing in Taskmaster this series.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson performed his first stand-up gig back in 2002 and promptly won the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Competition. What a show-off, eh? Later in the year he confirmed his prodigious talent by finishing runner-up in So You Think You're Funny?

He made his Edinburgh debut in 2005 with the cheerily-titled 50 Years Before Death and the Awful Prospect Of Eternity, a show that highlighted that he was probably about er, 50 years before death. He was nominated for the Perrier Best Newcomer award for his efforts.

Where have you seen Mark?

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled,

Dara O Briain's School of Hard Sums,


Have I Got News For You

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

and most importantly,


Mark's Taskmaster Predictions

A year later he threw caution to the wind and risked his own mortality by staging a daring 36-hour performance which went on to win him an if.comeddies award.

The title of his next show - I'm Worried I'm Starting To Hate Almost Everyone In The World - proved to be slightly misleading as later that year he married his wife Emily.

After an acclaimed stint at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Mark returned to the UK in 2007 to record his first Radio 4 series, the more optimistic Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better.

His other radio shows include the football-themed 100 Million Or Bust and the self-penned sitcom Spike's Lookalikes, starring Ardal O'Hanlon and Doon Mackinchan.

Mark's also found the time to write four novels and most recently embarked on a football-themed road trip across South America with Henning Wehn for Road To Rio.

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