Liza Tarbuck

Liza Tarbuck

Liza Tarbuck has done A LOT in her time - and she's come a long way since hiding out backstage at the London Palladium watching Basil Brush get killed by her dog.

Descended from British comedy royalty, Liza is no stranger to the world of entertainment.

Liza's pedigree stems from her father, Jimmy Tarbuck, the comedian / presenter of Saturday Night at the London Palladium and ITV's Live from Her Majesty's series.

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The middle child of three, Liza grew up in Kingston, Surrey and spent her childhood summers by the seaside while her dad performed in end-of-pier shows. This sounds pretty awesome to us, but she insists her family is really normal - yeah, sure Liza. Whatever you say.

Following in the footsteps of her dad, Liza picked up acting work after university, starting her career on a high note with Victoria Wood and Watching. But when the acting work dried up, she found a new skill - presenting.

Cue her career as your friendly voice in the morning...or evening...or on the weekend, depending on what shift she's working on.

Starting as a Big Breakfast presenter alongside Johnny Vaughan and Sara Cox, she went on to BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, and was the narrator behind Supersize vs Superskinny.

But in between these stints, she's dabbled back in the world of acting, and has appeared on some of your favourite shows. What? You didn't know? Keep an eye out for her on French and Saunders, Extras, Bonkers, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and now she's playing Anne Hathaway (the original, as in, Shakespeare's wife) on Upstart Crow.

Most importantly though, she's just a bloody lovely woman - with a slight obsession with pet dogs, walking dogs, finding the best walk for dogs and dog poo (or more specifically, how people should pick it up.)

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