Katherine Ryan

There’s more to Katherine than meets the eye. Don’t be fooled by her love of fashion or her penchant for high heels – she can dish out the best barbs and putdowns like anyone else and she’s not afraid of courting controversy.

Katherine Ryan

Katherine is a native of Sarnia, Ontario and the eldest of three girls. But she found her comedic roots in university in Toronto.

While studying at the University of Ontario she worked at the Hooters chain of restaurants, training waitresses.

Yes, Hooters.

'But what about TV?' We hear you ask.

Well, she made her TV debut presenting reality show Teen dating in her native Canada at the age of 18, and did her first 'open mic' comedy gig while working at Hooters.

Alex Horne interrogates Katherine

Where have you seen Katherine before?


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8 Out Of 10 Cats

In 2007, she was offered to train staff at the new Hooters restaurant in Nottingham, and a year later she moved to UK permanently with her boyfriend at the time.

Once she was all settled in, she began performing stand-up and won the 2008 Funny Women competition.

Her success on the comedy circuit led her to appearing in the sitcom Campus in 2011 and as a panellist on Channel Four's 8 out of 10 Cats, hosted by Carr, the following year.

But it's not all fun and games. She's been doing all of this as a single mum.

Katherine and her ex-boyfriend split when their daughter, Violet was just a baby, and after a string of office roles, Katherine decided to make stand-up comedy work.

This go-it-alone attitude may sound all good, but the early days of her career sound hard - reading fairytales to Violet in the green room before going out on stage, and carrying her home on the Tube afterwards.

But it's all paid off - you can now find her on The Fake News Show, How'd You Get so Rich?, Mock the Week and most importantly, Taskmaster.

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