Jessica Knappett

She’s known for the Inbetweeners, she’s married to an air guitarist, and she finds therapy in writing. Meet Jessica Knappett.

Jessica Knappett

Born and bred in Bingley, West Yorkshire, and a graduate of Manchester University, Knappett had an odd start to her career: a line up of bits and pieces to make ends meet. Think dressing up as a mobile phone, manning a lottery machine, demonstrating how to use a coffee machine, complete with miniature milk cartons.

It was during these tough times that inspired Knappett to write it all down, in a therapeutic, no-need-for-a-psychiatrist, financial-pain-for-monetary-gain, kind of way - and turned into the future comedy, Drifters.

Where else have you seen Jessica Knappett?

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But before this smashing success happened, Knappett became a founding member of the sketch group, Lady Garden.

The group toured throughout England and appeared at Edinburgh Fringe three times.

Following this comedic success, she got her break-through role into the world of TV and Screen with The Inbetweeners Movie. And it was there that she found a few connections.

She's also starred in Alpha Papa, Irreversible, Drunk History, Mid-Morning Matters, Twenty Twelve, Meet the Parents, How Not to Live Your Life and Lunch Monkeys. But who's counting?

When she's not in front of the camera, she dabbles in writing columns, and can be found in The Guardian, The Independent, Glamour and NME.

Now she's up against some talented individuals to win the glory and respect of the Taskmaster and walk away with the golden trophy.

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