Asim Chaudhry

Asim Chaurdhry

He's the underdog this one. Still coming to terms with his break to fame, Asim burst onto the scene with his comedy mockumentary, People Just Do Nothing.

Asim plays the infamous, perverted and severely deluded character of Chabuddy G, a man in charge of an incompetent team at Kurupt FM - a pirate radio station set in the deep dark depths of West London.

Where else have you seen Asim?

Hoff the Record

and, most importantly,


With his greased, slicked back hair and chains draped around his neck, he plays the part well. In fact, it's now a Bafta-winning mockumentary.

But Asim wasn't just a character on the show - he was also behind the scenes, shooting and editing the series when it started out as a Youtube series.

Now, Chaudhry is branching out, starting with his role on Hoff the Record, alongside David Hasselhoff, and next year he'll be seen in the film Eaten by Lions with Johnny Vegas.

Or, if you're flying with British Airways, he'll be your host during the safety video.

But first, you'll be catching him on Taskmaster, where he'll be competing for that beautiful golden trophy.

Asim Chaudhry on Hoff the Record

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