About Taskmaster Series 2

Be prepared for more competitive comedians, tricksy tests and woeful decision-making because Taskmaster is back, at last!

Taskmaster Series 2

Ruling from his imperial throne, Greg Davies once again judges the attempts of his task force, while the efficient but obsequious Alex Horne steers the ship. And this time, the ridiculous tasks are tackled by the fastidious Jon Richardson, the ice-queen Katherine Ryan, the dilapidated Joe Wilkinson, the multi-talented Doc Brown, and the unflappable Richard Osman. Expect frequent moments of creative genius plus the occasional colossal fail.

The Taskmaster cottage remains the base as the feckless five attempt to conceal pineapples, rescue cats and hurl potatoes, but this time they're also taken to the peaks of massive man-made mounds, forced to wade through rivers and made to perform before civic royalty in Chesham's Town Hall. For twenty weeks they strived alone to accomplish these very silly assignments, before finally being united for Greg's rulings in front of a baying and occasionally sympathetic audience.

Up for grabs are the quintet's own possessions as they are asked to bring in their Most Important Documents, their Trendiest Clothing and Coolest Blue Thing, all of which the episode winner takes home after the uproarious live task featuring all five scrapping it out at once. And, at the end the series, the second Taskmaster winner shall be crowned, inheriting the title from Josh Widdicombe, the inaugural victor who had Greg's name tattooed on his foot in his bid for success - it's that sort of show.

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