Suits S5 - Sarah Rafferty interview

Did you know Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen) has been best friends with Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) in real life for over 20 years? Might be an acting challenge if Donna and Harvey have to engage in a bit of tonsil tennis…

Sarah Rafferty

So.... will they? Won't they? Will they and then promptly won't they again? Spill the beans.

I think Donna knows they're not the best match, especially at the end of Season Four. She needed Harvey to step up and have an honest conversation with her. He couldn't do it.

Men, eh? Typical.

She thinks he's not emotionally in-tune with himself enough to be with her, beyond being the work duo that they are. But I think there's more outside the office and they're maybe best friends, too. I think she has her own stuff to deal with too.

So, we're going to interpret that answer as, 'Yes they definitely get on board the train to Sexy Town'...

I don't know if they'll get together and I'm glad it's not my decision!

How is it acting with Gabriel as he's your best mate in real life?

The fact Donna and Harvey had a long-standing history, as we do too, was great because it quickly made us comfortable. It feels safe when we work together. On the other hand, yesterday we had an unprecedented giggle attack. It happens all the time. We still find it hilarious that we are our normal, goofy selves but we're playing these slick, professional people.

Was it surprising to you and the rest of the cast that the show turned out to have a huge appeal to women?

The show has something for everyone and appeals to different demographics. And it's full of great, strong, powerful women. I love that Pearson is the first name on the wall.

That's true but it's still kind of a blokey, macho world in Suits, no?

I don't think Donna considers it to be a man's world. She dresses femininely, that's something she finds powerful; she's not trying to be masculine - that's not better in this world.

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