Suits S5 - Patrick J Adams interview

Handsome young actor Patrick J Adams plays handsome young character Mike Ross. He probably gets paid handsomely for the part. Handsome.

Patrick J Adams

Fans love the bromance between Mike and Harvey. How do you keep the chemistry up? If that's not too odd a question.

Gabriel and I never take ourselves too seriously. We're always making fun of each other and not letting the other get away with being in a bad mood. It's changed; in series one there was a lot of brotherly playfulness but now it's less paternal.

Are they equals now?

Not equal, because Harvey is always above Mike, but he's earned a certain level of respect from Harvey. He lets Mike get away with stuff that no one else can say to him because I think he sees some of himself in Mike.

If you met Mike in real life - in some sort of fiction-meets-reality interdimensional wormhole explosion scenario - what would you actually think of him?

For me, Mike was always an inspirational character. Even though he had his troubles, he always did what he could to make his life work out and for his sick grandmother. There were always things to admire. I've had young people come up to me and say Mike inspired them to go to school or decided to take a big risk in their life.

Everyone seems to be in on Mike's lie now. Do you think it will ever come out? Does it need to? It would pretty much only make one person gasp.

I think it has to be addressed at some point, it's such a big part of the show. They really keep it on lock down. These guys are always three steps ahead of everyone else but I think it will be a big part of the show at some point.

Which episode of which season specifically though?

I don't know when!

Worth a try.

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