Suits S5 - Gabriel Macht interview

The spectacularly named Gabriel Macht plays the uber-tough lawyer and also spectacularly named Harvey Specter who is starting to – shock horror! – show his emotions as the show goes on. We’re starting to tear up already…

Suits Season Five

We're seeing a more vulnerable side to Harvey now. How's it been to play him as a more sensitive soul?

I love that Harvey is three-dimensional. There's a reason why he is this uber-confident, macho guy. He's covering for all the insecurities he's got underneath, so when we start poking holes into his armour and actually reveal what it is about him and what makes him tick, that's engrossing as an actor. That said, Aaron and the writing team have done a great job with slowly pulling that out. You can see from the first episode, Harvey is now getting in touch with his feelings as all the strong women in his life have told him he needs to do. I think he got burnt by his mother and he figures that out over this series. It's headed to an exciting place.

You directed an episode in Season 4 - will you do that again?

I hope so! It was a fantastic experience. As a producer, I don't make the final call, but when I have ideas I can throw them into the mix and people listen, so it becomes collaborative. I love having that input. I can't wait to direct again. I had an ensemble of great actors in the trenches with me. I was ill that day so having to be an aggressive guy also with the director's hat it was challenging but thrilling. I needed a Donna to help me!

Do you get any weird fan-mail? Apart from what we send you of course.

Have you seen the homo-erotic Harvey/Mike fan-fiction?

Umm, no...we never Google that sort of thing... ever...

It's awesome! They are hilarious. Just before a serious scene with Patrick I'll pull out a super-imposed image of me dominating him just to freak him out the second before they yell, 'Action!' I guess people are fascinated.

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