Suits interview - Max Beesley

The Brits have infiltrated Suits and Max Beesley - AKA Stephen Huntley - has some inside info to share...

Max Beesley

Tell us a bit about Stephen Huntley – is it true he’s the British version of Harvey Specter?

Stephen Huntley is penned as the British version of Harvey and in many ways he is: Sharp suits; nice cars; travels in style and is very good at his job. However as the season goes on we start to see a few differences between these two men. They are very much like two great boxers in the ring. Even though there is a competitive edge between Harvey and Stephen there's also a mutual respect.

Is there more than just work he’s hoping for at Pearson Darby? Could love be in the air?

He has a job to do over at Pearson Darby and that is his sole intention. He is a professional. Any romantic potential is purely coincidental…

What was it like working with the cast of Suits? Who was the most fun?

The cast on Suits are all real diamonds. On my first day I had a big scene with Gabriel Macht with lots of dialogue in his office, his domain, etc… well, he couldn’t have been nicer! He is a lovely chap, I like him a lot. Sarah, Patrick, Meghan, and Rick are all terrific guys too. We have a tremendous workload, so to see everyone with a smile on their faces after three months of 14-19 hour days was a delight. We would often dine out together at the weekend in lovely Toronto. I'd not been to the city for 12 years and it was great to get back again.

The offices are quite an illusion, was it weird spending a whole day thinking you were sky high looking at beautiful views?

The set up on Suits is so pro. It’s an incredibly well-oiled machine. They have 2 huge studio sets replicating each other so one unit can shoot one thing whilst another shoots another. The backdrop is really visually stunning. You can sit between takes and actually believe you’re in New York! (Suits is actually filmed mostly on set in Vancouver)

How amazing is the wardrobe and do you get to keep any of the slick suits?

Costume is obviously amazing for the men and the women. The costume supervisor is a very clever lady with a wonderful eye. Being Harvey's counterpart who dresses exceptionally I knew I was in for some classy suits. Dolce, Armani, Canali - the shoes were phenomenal too but sad to say I couldn't keep anything.

Why do you think the Dave viewers in the UK love US drama Suits so much?

I think the show’s a success because it’s smart. It’s well written, well-acted, fast paced, witty, and clever. Oh and the leads are all easy on both the female and male eye! I hope the UK Dave viewers love this season of Suits as much as I did shooting it. It was a delight.

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