Storage Hunters UK: The Game

How would you fancy having Sean Kelly in your pocket? No, wait, hear us out, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

Storage Hunters UK: The Game

To celebrate the return of Sean Kelly and the new series of Storage Hunters UK (see it every Tuesday night at 8pm on Dave) we've teamed up with the fine people at GameDigits Ltd to create the most advanced mobile auctioning game available.

In Storage Hunters UK: The Game - available now on iOS and Android - players take on the role of a professional bidder. You'll visit auctions, sniff out a bargain, bid on some bins, anger your co-bidders and hopefully make some tidy (virtual) bunce along the way, all under the watchful leadership of Sean Kelly.

But be careful, you'll be going up against characters from the show, all featuring their own personalities and sly bidding styles. But if you hold your nerve and can handle a bloke bellowing 'booooooom' down your ear, you could walk away with some cold, hard, and virtual, cash.

As you progress through the game gaining experience you'll be able to unlock bigger, better auctions with higher quality items. The more auctions you win the more skills you'll gain which can be used to give you more opportunities to play strategically...and dirty. You'll even be able to take the game online and play against friends and strangers alike.

So for the first time ever you'll be able bid on someone else's old stuff anytime, anywhere without having to hang around old abandoned storage units with Heavy-D or lose any real dosh.

Get Storage Hunters UK: The Game now in the App Store and Google Play.

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