Storage Hunters - Auction Remix - Single out now

Auctioneer Sean Kelly swaps the gavel for the microphone as dance track is released to celebrate the launch of Storage Hunters UK...

Dave has teamed up with British music producer Alex Ross for new dance track Storage Hunters (The Auction Remix), which is being released this week to mark the launch of Storage Hunters UK.

Alex, who is best known for The Nick Clegg Apology Song, I'm Sorry, watched over 27 hours of the US show and picked the best bits to sample on the club track.

He said: "After re-watching the old episodes I was itching to get into the studio to create what I think is a belter of a track which all Storage Hunters fans will love. All auto tuned, reminiscent of a Will.I.Am chart topper; the words and beats infuse with elements of rock, dance, funk and hip hop. A release all die-hard fans of this sensational show will adore."

Auctioneer Sean Kelly, who features heavily on the track, added: "People are always saying how much my bidding style sounds like a country and western song so the fact Dave has taken it a step further and created a club hit has turned my musical dreams into a reality. This could actually be a chart topper!"

The dance track was specially commissioned ahead of the start of Storage Hunters UK. The British version of the series see original presenter Sean Kelly travelling the length and breadth of the UK to unearth hidden treasures in the country's disused storage units.

Storage Hunters (The Auction Remix) is availble to buy exclusively on iTunes and all proceeds go to UKTV's chosen charity COSMIC - BUY IT HERE

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