Series 5 Episode Guide

Summary of series 5

  1. Cambridge

    Our favourite storage hunters are back and as usual prepared to do anything in pursuit of the biggest profit possible and up for grabs this week are enough weapons to start and finish a small war. Sean gives some American military training to one unlucky bidder. And Linda looks behind the curtain and gets more than she's bargained for.

  2. Milton Keynes
    Milton Keynes

    There's something rotten in the state of Milton Keynes and it may be those portable toilets that are up for grabs. Scotty, Heavy D, Linda, Nat and John fight for the biggest gains in a Dutch auction but who's feeling flush? And will our ruthless bidders allow some musicians the chance to win back their own gear?

  3. Somerset

    This week the bidders are looking for treasure in storage units in Somerset. Its Charlotte and Shaun's patch but that's not going to stop the others from trying to buy low and sell high to maximise their profits. Barry, Darren, Scotty, Linda, Nat and John are in the gladiatorial bidding arena trying every trick they know to win some top quality units...including a Velcro bouncy castle and an Air Boat.

  4. Caxton

    Heavy D is in town and as always is prepared to risk having his fingers burned for the chance of a big score. Sam tries to charm the other bidders while new boys Glyn and James try the more direct approach and old guard Barry and Darren are not taking that lying down.

  5. Leeds

    The auctions are in Leeds and there's a new pair of bidders in town who aren't afraid to throw their weight around. Old hands Nat and John aren't moved easily while Sam and Ione re-ignite their feud while our tries to make peace. Someone should call the cops.

  6. Ipswich

    Lock up your wallets as we're in Ipswich and Heavy D is in town. The booming bidder is driving the bargaining buccaneers batty! He should be called Heavy B. There's a strong female presence this week as Nat, Linda, Boudicca and Ione are competing but will they have to team up to get one over on the Boominator?

  7. Kent

    This week our bidders are treasure hunting on the coast in Broadstairs, Kent with some high quality goods up for auction, including a double car lot. Scotty goes toe to toe to toe with Barry and Darren who have nephew Mitch with them. And John finally decides to ignore Nat and strikes out on his own. But did he do the right thing?

  8. Preston

    We're in Preston and there's lots up for grabs including something literally off the back of a truck. Scotty feels like he's in a foreign land being so far up the country but gets a warm welcome from Shaun. Charlotte and Sam join forces while Heavy D is up to his usual tricks of convincing the others, and sometimes himself, he doesn't know what he's doing.

  9. Bucks

    The roving entrepreneurs are in Bucks with plenty of top quality goods up for auction and new bidder Raj is proving to be more than a match for our regulars. Will they maximise their profits and does Sam really know what she's talking about? The others including Boudicca, Scotty, Thomas and Nat have their suspicions.

  10. Herts

    The auctioneers are in Royston, Hertfordshire, this week and things get out of hand as Heavy D drives everyone else round the auctioneering bend including Sean Kelly! Charlotte and Shaun, Nat and John and new bidder Mick have their expertise tested while Linda shows her spiritual side and Scotty proves he has hidden talents.

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