About Storage Hunters UK

He's big, he's bad and he's back on these shores. Sean Kelly returns for a second series of Storage Hunters UK.

Storage Hunters UK

Lights, camera, AUCTION!* The hugely popular, incredibly addictive smash hit U.S series is back for a brand new, second batch of UK episodes. Original Storage Hunters auctioneer Sean Kelly, accompanied as always by the big man with the bolt cutters Mini Mile, is once again on the road to try and keep another batch of ruthless British bargain hunters in line.

As ever, abandoned containers, bins and lock-ups across the country are up for grabs as a wild bunch of new and returning bidders try to out-flank, out-bid, out-gamble and outmanoeuvre their rivals to win the contents... even though they have no idea what lurks within apart from a fleeting glimpse inside.

Will the contestants stay true to their bidding tactics? Will their poker faces hold firm? Will they gamble away their bunce to make sure they get what they want? Will antagonism from their rivals make them crack and lose the plot? Or will Heavy D bellow 'BOOM!' at every opportunity, jack the price up to silly money and annoy all of his co-bidders? Our betting's on the latter...

In the first new episode a shocking start for the bidders in Hampshire sparks a bidding war, but will they get their hands burnt? Meanwhile, young fiery newcomer Sam causes a stir amongst the women, but Nat won't back down no matter the cost. Plus, there's an American in town. Yep, it's US Storage Hunters favourite - T-Money!

Let the bidding commence! Brap-pa-dap-ba-dap-ba-dap! All in, fair warned! Sold your way for £1,000! and so on and so on.

*The person responsible for this pun has been fired.

See Storage Hunters UK Series 2 every Tuesday night at 8pm, new and exclusive to Dave. Or catch up on UKTV Play.

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