Sin City Motors star Twiggy answers YOUR questions

We persuaded the self-styled 'Nerdy Stripper' - Twiggy from Sin City Motors - to put down her welding iron to answer the best of your questions...

Sin City Motors Twiggy

What made you decide to give up modelling for car restoration?
I haven't given up modelling. I just do it when fun projects come along. Mechanics is a job you can be dirty for, and you don't have to be pretty all day. It's refreshing.

How long have you been working on cars?
I went to school to train in auto mechanics four years ago and have just completed automotive technology. I'm a book nerd so I'm pretty excited about finally being out in the field. I'm still new to the industry.

What's your ultimate dream build?
I would love to build a 1919 Ford speedster.

Does Welderup only do American cars?
Actually, they just went to Alberta and picked up an old Canadian car. They were laughing about the kilometres.

Would you consider working on a MK1 Golf or a Series 1 Landrover?
Absolutely! I've been trained to work on new cars. My school was Honda Civic Groundhog Day.

What do you think of old school Vespa scooters?
They are pretty, but I'm a motorcycle girl ;)

What type of car do you currently drive?
I live downtown so I ride a lime green and pink BMX. I'm not fancy enough for a parking spot.

What’s your all-time favourite car?
I've been falling in love with 50s era cars recently. Obviously, the Bel Air is an all-time favourite. My favourites are always changing.

Rat rods or comics? Which is best?
That's like choosing between your mum and a stack of chicken wings. You know you have to choose your mum, but you know you want the wings.

Who is your favourite comic book author?
Obviously Stan Lee. I met him at Fan Expo in Toronto two years ago and got him to sign my leg. I immediately got the signature tattooed. Best. Moment. Ever.

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