About Sin City Motors

Ever fancied swapping your passenger seat for a death row electric chair or switching your accelerator for a horseshoe pedal?

Sin City Motors

Then look no further than Steve Darnell and his oddball crew, who fashion bizarre and eccentric machines that cater to their customers' every whim.

The team specialise in turning old vehicles into Mad Max-style 'rat rods' from their sprawling garage on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip. What a job!

The stakes are high for Steve, who turned his back on ranching to put everything into the new business. Each customised car must be completed in just ten days if the team are to make a profit.

Steve and his crew's skills and creativity have already caused a frenzy in the car world and now they're set to take the TV world by storm in this fly-on-the-wall series.

In Steve's words, these 'rat rods' are going to "blow your mind"...

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