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It's back - Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish will return on Dave for a fourth series from 8th November. For Dave Gorman, modern life is still good…ish – it’s the absurdities and contradictions of today’s world that continue to fascinate and infuriate him. And so his fightback continues (ish) with these six new mischievous comedy performances. In his own unique style, combining stand-up, visual storytelling, and real-world experimentation, Dave once again turns his attention to the areas of everyday life we normally take for granted. In this series Dave concocts a convoluted method for getting rid of an unwanted gift, re-imagines a classic game show and recruits his favourite celeb, Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts, for an experiment. He explores the perils of stock photography modelling, takes the long way round to irritate an old friend, explains in depth why he doesn’t describe himself as “A Geek”, and admits to regularly seeking life-guidance from hip-hop superstar Kanye West.

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