About Freewheeling

Ross Noble's totally random, Twitter-powered anti-travelogue returns for a second series. But where in the country will he turn up and what will his followers have him doing?

Ross Noble: Freewheeling

Not many TV shows hinge on the reliability of a 3G signal...but Ross Noble's does.

Unscripted, unplanned and with absolutely no agenda whatsoever. So, a bit like his stand-up routine then. This is Ross Noble: Freewheeling - a Twitter-powered anti-travelogue that puts Ross' fate entirely in the hands of his 500,000-plus followers. And it turns out they're quite a random bunch.

Until Ross checks Twitter he has no idea where he'll be heading, what he might be doing, or who he might meet. It's up to his legion of followers to suggest ideas, invite him somewhere a little out-of-the-ordinary and to basically make all the decisions for him. All Ross has got to do is rev up his motorbike and get there.

In the first series Ross found himself hosting a ceramic pet show on a rainy afternoon in a Northamptonshire carpark, joining a Women's Institute in St. Helens and acquiring a giant scarf in the process, and cooking up a batch of 'Custardcinos' with Bob Mortimer in Tunbridge Wells.

Now, Ross is back in the saddle for the second series. Join him as he starts a one-man campaign for justice in the north-east (with some help from Billy Ocean), heads to Scotland and lands a bit-part in an Bravehart-esque movie, and turns job seekers into TV presenters in Sussex.

As Ross puts it himself, 'I don't know if this is actually a TV show but it's definitely something to do.' But if anything, it's a pretty revealing comical journey up and down the country and a fascinating insight into modern Britain.

Catch up on both series of Freewheeling right now on UKTV Play.

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