Top 10 moments of Red Dwarf II

What with stasis leaks, total-immersion video games and male pregnancy, Series II had more cool sci-fi concepts than you can shake a bazookoid at...

Holly and Rimmer

10. Arnold and Arlene

You'd think Rimmer would be only too delighted to meet his female equivalent from a parallel universe. And he was, until she turned out to be every bit as lecherous as him. She employed all his own pick-up techniques against him – including hypnotism, groping, and calling him "tottie, tottie, tottie." Works every time, that.

9. Everybody needs good Androids

"Androids have feeeeelings too." So went the theme to Androids, the soap watched by Kryten before he met the Dwarfers. The best bit's the fact that all the android actors were distinguished only by their serial numbers in the end credits. Scarily, any non-old viewers will no longer recognise the homage to the original Neighbours theme music.

8. Kryten Bates

The first meeting with Kryten was a classic moment, not least because he was tending to the three skeletons of his long-dead owners ("You haven't touched your soup, no wonder you're beginning to look so pasty!"). Amid the general shock, Rimmer summed it up best: "Our first contact with intelligent life in three million and two years, and it's the android version of Norman Bates."

7. We've found a stasis leak

You've got to feel for Rimmer. There he was, alive and well and pottering about his quarters, when his own dead head popped out of the furniture, smiling smugly and saying: "We've found a stasis leak on floor 16. I'm dead now and you're not. But if I save you, you won't die, so I won't die, and you won't be dead either, and neither will I." He's a poet and he doesn't even know it...

6. What is it?

The discovery of the stasis leak also baffled the Cat, in one of his best ever scenes. Standing between Rimmer and Lister, he asked "What is it?" again and again, dumbly deadpan in the face of their scientific explanations. Until, that is, he hit upon his own preferred theory. "Oh, a magic door! Well why didn’t you say?"

5. Captain Paxo

Haunted by his future self, human Rimmer didn't react well when Captain Hollister enters his quarters while dressed as a chicken. It was for a party, but Rimmer was convinced he was hallucinating – kneeing the captain in the groin and saying: "Kindly cluck off before I extract your giblets and shove a large seasoned onion between the lips you never kiss with." Blackadder himself would be proud.

4. Give peas a chance

Who can forget the reign of Queeg? On taking over from Holly as the ship computer, Queeg made life hell for the Dwarfers, and poor Lister was beautifully hapless when he discovered dinner to be "a pea on toast". And then the pea fell to the floor, leading to the immortal outburst: "I've lost me pea!" Just when we thought Lister couldn't get any lower...

3. Jape of the decade

Queeg eventually erases Holly, leading to a tearful goodbye. Then Holly suddenly appears again and reveals that he was Queeg all along. "We are talking jape of the decade," he says matter-of-factly. "We are talking April, May, June, July and August fool." And the moral of the story, according to Holly? "Appreciate what you've got, because basically I'm fantastic."

2. Tongue tied!

We expect many things when we tune into Red Dwarf. Sarky quips, onions on cornflakes, unspeakably soiled laundry. What we don't expect is a full-on song-and-dance number, with the Cat crooning a track called "Tongue Tied" while Rimmer and Lister provide backing vocals. If you want to hunt it down, the episode is Parallel Universe, and the song charted in real life.

1. Who's the mummy?

The all time finest moment of series 2 had to be the revelation that, having bonked his female equivalent (aka, "Miss Yo-yo Knickers") in a parallel universe, Lister was at risk of becoming pregnant. Rimmer was beside himself with sadistic joy, and there was bated breath as he checked the pregnancy test before delivering the last line of the series: "I'm going to be an uncle!"

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