Top 10 moments of Red Dwarf I

Can you believe Red Dwarf was first shown in 1988? Distract yourself from that terrifying fact by checking out Series I's best bits...

Dave Lister

10. Lister becomes a bachelor

When Rimmer moved in with his double, Lister condensed a whole series' worth of Men Behaving Badly into one victory jig. Dashing around his quarters, he up-ended dirty socks "all over the floor, where any self-respecting bachelor would keep them" and wallowed in the delicious, delicious freedom to squeeze toothpaste FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE TUBE. Sweet.

9. I'm gonna eat you little chickie

Picture the scene: the Cat's sitting down to eat a chicken dinner when Rimmer races in, panic-stricken, saying "Quick, Lister's fainted, he needs help!" The Cat immediately gets to his feet to follow, then as soon as Rimmer turns away he sits right back down and keeps eating. Look, it's hard to describe visual gags, but it was brilliant, OK?

8 Rimmer in love

Trust Rimmer to turn what should have been the poignant story of his first ever bunk-up into a perfect encapsulation of why he's such a smeghead. Telling Lister about his fumble with Yvonne McGruder, he was reminded that she was still woozy from being bashed on the head at the time. His reply: "Serves her right for being concussed, doesn't it?"

7. The Skutters go all Liam Gallagher

Tirelessly toiling for the biggest prats ever to commandeer a spaceship, you've got to give the Skutters marks for patience. But even that runs out – like when Rimmer bollocked them while they're trying to watch a Western. At which point one of them turned and gave a rather magnificent V-sign to Arnie J. Applause, please.

6. Gazpacho soup!

At least some of Rimmer's self-loathing was explained when he recounted the tale of the time he was invited to the captain's table. Not knowing gazpacho soup is served cold, he asked for it to be returned and reheated. As he tucked into his "piping hot gazpacho soup", he didn't realise until later that everyone was laughing at him, not the chef. Smeg.

5. Holly this is not my breast

While taking on the physical form of Kochanski in a bid to trick Lister, Rimmer accidentally revealed he's still Rimmer. How? By saying things like "I'm having a woman's period", for one thing. Still, he did at least get left with one Kochanski breast, which he went off to fondle at his leisure. There's a mental image for you.

4. Going space crazy

Red Dwarf isn't just about the chuckles, it's often beautifully written as well. Think of the time the ship was struck by future echoes. Lister and Rimmer had the same conversation twice, but – as they weren't properly synchronised – it only made sense the second time round. It was so clever, it was like a magic trick made with words. Take that, Pinter.

3. Rimmer vs Rimmer

When Rimmer activated a second Rimmer, they got on swimmingly at first. Then they started arguing, and what followed was a Freudian out-pouring of self-hate. "Nobody liked you, not even mummy!" Rimmer shrieked at Rimmer. "I can't see through the back of your stupid, curly-haired, sticky-out-eared head!" And best of all: "Shut up you dead git."

2. Fish!

One of the perks of Red Dwarf is the food dispensing machine, which Cat made magnificent use of in the classic sequence where he ordered "Fish!" after "Fish!" after "Fish!". If you're not left with the word "Fish!" ringing in your head for hours afterwards, you're not watching it right.

1. Everybody's dead, Dave

It had to be this, didn't it? Holly greeting a post-stasis Lister with the revelation that, well, everybody's dead. "What, Captain Hollister?" "Everybody's dead, Dave." "What, Tod Hunter?" "Everybody's dead, Dave?" "What, Selby?" "They're all dead, everybody's dead, Dave." "Petersen isn't, is he?" And so on, until: "He's dead, everybody is dead, everybody IS DEAD DAVE." Holly's greatest ever scene? Probably.

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