Robert Llewellyn's Red Dwarf: Back to Earth blog

Robert is ten years older and he makes grunting noises when he stands up but Red Dwarf has got him all excited again.

Red Dwarf crew

Okay, so we're all ten years older. We've all got kids, we all make grunting noises when we stand up except Danny because his body is some kind of machine which never ages, Craig and I have to 'push' when we go for a wee, Chris is annoyingly fit but with just a hint of silver fox and Craig's memory is still as sharp as ever.

Other than that, the first days on the Back to Earth set were alarmingly familiar, just like we'd had a week off since series eight and were right back on the studio floor.

We laughed and laughed until we felt sick, we swapped stories and compared notes, and we occasionally even shot some scenes for Red Dwarf. When we did the read through I wasn't sure I'd remember how to play Kryten, but as soon as I donned old novelty condom head and slipped into Kryten's newly upgraded body suit, it all came back without thought. That damn character is so much part of my life I can't help but play him.

We shot for over two weeks in and around Shepperton Studios, again a very familiar place to work. I consumed gallons of milkshake, I managed to learn most of my lines but I think there are still plenty of smeg-ups, I got whacked in the face by very enthusiastic members of the props department, watched in awe at the footage the Red cameras produced, worried for Doug Naylor as we fell behind on the schedule - but the great thing was, everyone worked hard and with such common purpose.

Everyone who works on the show loves it, and even the jaded scene painters and plasterers working on the set of the upcoming Nottingham movie waved at us and said how much they were looking forward to seeing some new Dwarf. These blokes walk past the likes of Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe on a daily basis and aren't phased by it, but they still say hi to any of the Red Dwarf cast they see wandering about.

So now we wait as eagerly as any die hard Red Dwarf fan to see if what we have been working on is as good as we hope. Believe me, I think it's going to be an all-time classic corker. But what do I know? I've had a boil in the bag brain for two weeks.

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