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Chris Barrie on the highs and lows of shooting Red Dwarf: Back to Earth.

Red Dwarf crew

Like millions of fans and everyone involved with the making of Red Dwarf, I eagerly await the transmission of 'Back to Earth' over the Easter weekend.

I can't speak for Craig, Robert and Danny, but for me, the anticipation is intensifying as April 10th approaches. I think this is mainly due to the fact that we have now shot the material and are no longer in a position to change it! Having said that, I am very confident that Doug's script is brilliant (as usual), and the old on screen banter certainly felt as if it was still there.

If I'm honest I would have to say that not having a studio audience was something of a disappointment. However, maybe this is a sacrifice worth making if we are to fully utilise the latest CGI technology and give the show a more filmic feel. One thing is for sure, Back to Earth will look absolutely stunning. I'm not keen on watching playbacks of unfinished, offline edits, but I was more than impressed by the few snippets I did see.

One aspect of Back to Earth which will be evident to all is the high quality of guest artists. Richard O'Callaghan, Jeremy Swift, Richard Woo and Sophie Winkleman were all absolutely superb both on and off the set.

There is no doubt that the fairly intense filming schedule, meant that cast and crew had to work very hard to finish the shoot, but all in all I would say that the whole experience has put most of us in the mood to do some more - a series maybe? A special? Dare I mention it, a movie?! We'll see…

In the meantime, enjoy Back to Earth!

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