Chloe Annett

Despite being the daughter of a director, Chloe Annett didn’t aspire to get into showbiz.

Chloe Annett

Those who mistakenly believed there were two Hollys in Red Dwarf are probably the very same gimboids who think that and Chloe Annett play the same Kristine Kochanski. This is a great big curry-stained fallacy. The second Kochanski is in fact a completely separate being from a parallel universe. By contrast to the first Kochanski, who is a cheeky, playful ladette, the second one is a refined public school type and even more obviously out of Lister's grubby little league. Will true love overcome logic? Maybe, but only with the help of some extra-strong lager.

Chloe Annet secured the role after being spotted in an audition for another TV show called The 10%ers - Chloe was such a massive Red Dwarf fan she got so nervous about the chance to board the Starbug she could barely read the script. Luckily she got the role and we got to enjoy her often disgusted expression on our tellies for Red Dwarf's seventh and eight series. Of course amazing jobs like this come with their drawbacks, and Chloe admits to having nothing but contempt for the PVC trousers she was forced to wear while shooting, especially because it was boiling hot in them as they were filming in summer. If we're honest, we weren't offended by them, to be honest – if anything we were fans, truth be told.

Kochanski became a regular fixture in the series, after Arnold Rimmer left the show in a blaze of smeggy glory. This version is from an alternate reality where it was her, not Lister, who smuggled the cat on board and was forced into stasis as punishment, thus surviving the accident which did to the crew what Naked Jungle did to Keith Chegwin's dignity. She was also married to alternate reality Lister, and not particularly impressed with his real world counterpart. Pretty understandable really, considering she went to cyber-school, cadet school and lived in Gorbals, the trendiest part of 23rd century Glasgow. A woman of such refinement expected someone slightly better than old Mr stained pants.

Chloe also got to reprise her role in Red Dwarf Back to Earth – though just as a vision. Lister believed she'd died, and read books to her gravestone (which he kept on his windowsill.) In reality however, she'd done a runner to stop him wasting his life on her, but don't tell him that. No one wants to see a grown man weeping madras sauce.

As a young'un, Chloe wasn't particularly interested in the glitzy life of acting, listing some of her early loves as horse-riding and contemporary dance - so clearly she's a lady of many, somewhat posh, talents. She harboured ambitions of being an artist and originally applied to attend art school. She only changed her mind when she accompanied a friend to an audition. She built up her CV with roles in shows like All Creatures Great and Small and Jeeves and Wooster, and became a leading lady opposite Michael French in the short-lived sci-fi series Crime Traveller. Short-lived for a reason, to be fair. She also had a role across the Pond in a Danielle Steele adaptation called Jewels – which sounds, err lovely.

It wasn't all romance and sparkles, though - Chloe bagged herself a Best Actress award from the London Independent Film Festival for her role in Leila. She's also married to Alec McKinlay, who was the chap who managed Oasis while it was still possible to have Liam and Noel in a room together without killing each other, of course. Ah such heady, heady days...

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