About Red Bull X-Fighters 2014

Mixing daredevil riding, spectacular locations and hair-raising stunts, the Red Bull X-Fighters roar back to Dave with an all-new series that once again showcases the very best stunts and some of the most jaw-dropping stadiums in the world.

Red Bull X-Fighters 2014

Throughout this exclusive new series, we’ll be dazzled by more Freestyle Motocross as the riders tear across the globe combining skill, power, showmanship and bravery. Each event asks them to produce as many hair-raising stunts in a two-minute time period in some of the world’s most blockbusting locations, so hold onto your hats – the X Fighters are back!

Episode 1

Plaza de toros Monumental Mexico, Mexico. The traditional season opener in Mexico City has been a staple of the Red Bull X Fighters calendar from 2005 to 2010 and is back on the calendar after a two-year break. Each year, the Monumental Plaza de Toros is completely filled and the FMX daredevils execute their tricks in front of 38,000 screaming fans, to the sound of huge drums and the traditional white cloths – made popular by the fans at football games and bullfights. In fact, the bullfighting element is an integral life component in Mexico. Its complicated rules and regulations contain a whole series of hidden symbols whose meanings go far beyond that of a mere battle of man against animal.

Episode 2

Osaka Castle, Japan. The Osaka Castle and the Nishinomaru Garden will be – for the second year in a row – the venue for the Japanese leg of the tour, giving FMX fans the thrill of a lifetime. Japan's most famous castle is located in the heart of Osaka and with Nishinomaru Garden, designated as a special historical site, boasts over 600 cherry blossom trees. The park, which offers a magnificent view on the castle tower and the stonewalls, was opened to the public in 1965 and is the former residence of Kita no Mandokoro, the General Hideyoshi Toyotomi's wife. Hideyoshi built the castle in the 16th century and was a pre-eminent warrior, general, and politician regarded as Japan's second "great unifier".

Episode 3

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid. The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid. This amazing bullring has been on the calendar for over a decade and it has witnessed some truly titanic head-to-head battles in its time. From Robbie Maddison showing off the spectacular Volt (Body Varial) that earned him victory in 2010 to Tom Pagès throwing down an incredible sequence of never-seen, gravity defying moves last year, the competition in Madrid has intensified with each passing year.

Episode 4

Olympic Park, Munich. For the first time in FMX History the full track will be built on a lake with swimming pontoons. Believe it or not, but this revolutionary idea will not limit the track in any way. The competition in Munich will be the season's penultimate round and could prove to be the decisive contest for the overall 2014 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. After Munich, the tour will move on to the season finale in Pretoria, South Africa.

Episode 5

Union Buildings, Pretoria. Like an ancient temple looming over the city it governs, the Union Buildings, located in the heart of Pretoria, will be the backdrop for the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour first-ever finale on African soil. The modern day acropolis is the official seat of the South African government and also serves as the offices to the president of South Africa. The buildings, designed by Sir Herbert Baker, were completed over a hundred years ago (in 1913) and now occupy the highest point in Pretoria and constitute a South African national heritage site.

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