Dave Christmas Quiz by the QI Elves

QI’s very own Elves have donned their festive hats to come up with a Quite Interesting quiz about QI Christmas specials past, present and future. How much can you remember?



Q: What did we ask Alan to draw in the first ever QI Christmas special?

A: An angel
B: A Christmas tree
C: Anything, so long as it wasn't rude

Answer: B - All panelists were asked to draw a Christmas tree. Alan drew the branches pointing downwards, so we gave him a Christmassy Klaxon as they should have been pointing up.


Q: What was the name of the Danish goalkeeper who played for Aston Villa in the 2004/5 season?

A: Thomas Sørensen
B: Peter Schmeichel
C: Anders Rozenkrantz Lindegaard

Answer: A - Alan and Stephen swapped places in this Christmas special and Alan tried to catch Stephen with a football question. Of course, Stephen being the fount of ALL knowledge could not be caught out.


Q: What was unusual about QI's Series C Christmas special?

A: There wasn't one
B: It was first shown in June
C: All of the questions had been used in earlier shows

Answer: A - Despite C being the perfect letter for a Christmas show, the third series of QI is strangely the only series without one.


Q: What might David Beckham be doing in the corner of a Catalonian Nativity scene?

A: Keepy-uppies
B: Eating a lamb
C: Having a poo

Answer: C - In Catalonia, Nativity scenes are often furnished with a small defecating boy in the corner. The boy is sometimes based on a famous hate-figure and David Beckham was a popular choice in the mid-2000s when he played for Real Madrid.


Q: Who was Jo Brand dressed as in the Series E Christmas special?

A: Queen Victoria
B: Boudicca
C: The Grinch

Answer: A - The theme for Series E's festive show was 'Empire', Jo was not amused by her Queen Victoria outfit but Stephen looked very dashing as Oscar Wilde.


Q: You know that it can be too cold to snow?

A: Yes
B: No
C: You're not catching me out with that one.

Answer: B or C - It can never be too cold to snow, as snow can fall in the coldest spots on Earth. However, that didn't stop Rob Brydon falling right into the trap of a stealthily worded General Ignorance question.


Q: Which of the following was a special guest in the 'Groovy' Show from Christmas 2009?

A: Buttercup the cow
B: David Tennant
C: Both A & B
D: Neither A nor B
E: A bee
F: Abi Titmuss
G: AB De Villiers
H: New wave synthpop band ABC

C - The Doctor himself, David Tennant was our special guest in the G Series Christmas Special, but he was almost upstaged by the comedy stylings of Buttercup the pantomime cow.


Q: Was Daniel Radcliffe excellent in our 'Hocus Pocus' show of series H?

A: Yes
B: That's a bit subjective for a quiz, isn't it?

A - Of course he was, who'd've thought that Harry Potter would actually know so much about magic, and his career has surprisingly continued despite us decapitating him at the end of this show.


Q: Which of the following did Brian Blessed floor Sean Lock with in QI's I Series?

A: His booming voice
B: A lubricated rod
C: A telephone directory

C - Sean and Brian played a tug of war with a phone book (remember them?) with its pages interleaved. The book didn't fall apart, but Sean almost did.


Q: What was Jesus's real first name?

A: Jesus
B: No, really, it's Jesus, that's why they call him Jesus.
C: Jesus!
D: Jake
E: Joshua

E - As we revealed in Series J, Jesus wasn't known as Jesus at all. "Jesus" comes from something like "Jay-zwice" which is how you'd pronounce the Greek version of Joshua.


Q: Which of the following did the panelists create in our K Series Kristmas Knick-Knack?

A: Baubles, out of silver nitrate
B: Tinsel, out of spiders' silk
C: Tracy Island, out of toilet rolls and sticky-back plastic

A - While Stephen created bubbles with dry ice, Phill, Alan, Jo and Brendan O'Carroll amused themselves with a bauble-making chemistry experiment.


Q: Who will be our very special guest for the Christmas Special in the L Series of QI?

A: Santa
B: Princess Leia
C: We're not telling you, you'll have to watch to find out
D: Fine. I'll just check Wikipedia then, it's bound to be on there.
E: Ok, it's Princess Leia

B or E - The fantastic Carrie Fisher will be our very special guest for our L Series Christmas Special which will be appearing on your screens on an evening not very far far away.

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