Problems: episode guide

Not a crisis in sight - but plenty of 'suburban issues' to worry about!


This brand new and exclusive sketch-comedy comes from Down Under and stars multi-talented comedian Sam Simmons, or, as we prefer to call him, the master of suburban absurdity. Sam – a man of impressive facial appendage – plays a host of hilariously strange characters that are more Elm St than Ramsey St.

Reference points? Think Flight Of The Concords, The Mighty Boosh and Arrested Development – it’s one of Australia’s strangest and funniest comedies of recent years.

Episode guide

  1. Episode one: Taco Night
    Episode one: Taco Night

    Convinced that they have changed the seasoning mix in his favourite pre-packaged tacos, Sam sets out to get some answers. But after a journey involving bizarre fantasies and gumnuts with googly eyes he realises that it is something else that has changed.

  2. Episode two: Bus Crash
    Episode two: Bus Crash

    Sam has a huge crush on a girl that he sees everyday on the bus. But he is too scared to talk to her. He seeks advice from Mr Meowgi, his talking cat who is also Sam’s incredibly unreliable spirit guide.

  3. Episode three: First Hot Day
    Episode three: First Hot Day

    It’s the first really hot day of summer and Sam wants an ice cream. But nothing is ever easy as it looks - especially when there is an angry mermaid, a card swallowing ATM and a mysterious tiger-kid to distract him.

  4. Episode four: The Christmas Angel
    Episode four: The Christmas Angel

    Christmas will be a disaster if Sam cannot replace the cardboard angel that has disappeared from the top of this tree. But will a Christmas dinner featuring a meat manger with a talking cat and Dave from the 2 dollar shop cheer him up?

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