Porters Episode Guide

Lie back, hop on the trolley and enjoy the ride as our porters try to steer the course of least resistance through the topsy-turvy medical seas of life and death.


Episode One

When newbie hospital Porter Simon arrives for work on his first day, he stands out like a sore thumb. Because to the great amusement of his mentors Frankie and Tillman, he thinks Portering is just a stepping-stone to his true calling in life - being a Doctor. However, a mix-up with a dead Rabbi means Simon is forced to impersonate a real Doctor and somehow escape the suspicious scrutiny of a visiting consultant neurologist, guest star Kelsey Grammer.

Episode Two

Newbie Porter Simon is still coping with his unrequited love for Nurse Lucy. Seeing her swoon over the heroic Doctor McKenzie prompts Simon to impulsively offer a kidney to a young transplant patient called Lewis. When Frankie steals a recently deceased patient's winning lottery ticket, Tillman warns that karma will be out to re-balance the universe - and it looks like Simon will have to pay the price.

Episode Three

Deputy Chief Executive of the Hospital Trust Jane Bison is running a fast-track management scheme, which Simon sees as a way to escape the world of Portering and become the type of man Lucy will give a second glance to. Although his idea is a hit with the management, it angers his colleagues - not least Tillman who ends up being tasered, and Frankie who is fired. It seems Simon needs to be taken down a peg or three, and Frankie is just the woman to do it.

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