The Magic Sponge Animated

Watch short stories as told by Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith, the lads behind the chart-topping podcast.

The Magic Sponge Animated

Some of the stories Jimmy Bullard tells on The Magic Sponge podcast have our imaginations running wild - so we've tapped into his mind to immortalise them in a more visual form.

First up, there's Jimmy on how he went through the recruitment process to be a fireman, ultimately falling short. Lucky for us, or we would never have seen him in action on the football pitch!

Episode 1 - Fireman Jim

Out on a Christmas do while at Milton Keynes Dons, Jimmy was in a bar with coaches Ian Wright and Mick Harford when one of his younger teammates got in a spot of bother. Good thing that notorious former Crazy Gang player Mick Harford was there to step in.

Episode 2 - Kung Fu Harford

Presented by former footballer Jimmy Bullard, and comedians Rob Beckett and Ian Smith The Magic Sponge is a podcast from Dave that takes a sideways look at the hilarious and often mad world of the beautiful game. You can listen to the Magic Sponge on iTunes or Acast or search for "The Magic Sponge" across a range of other podcast apps and platforms.

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