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Series 6 opens with a bombshell as Ron Swanson finds an unexploded bomb in the Parks and Rec offices. Leslie Knope - who was kidnapped by aliens at the end of Series 5 - has escaped from her extraterrestrial captors but now has telekinetic powers following their evil experiments. Meanwhile, Ann Perkins has finally achieved her dream of competing in the Olympics. Ok, none of that's true. But imagine if it was!

Parks and Recreation Series 6

[RECORD SCRATCH] Series six of Parks and Recreation starts in fine form with Leslie winning an award from an international Women in Government organisation and travelling to London with Ben, Andy, April and Ron to accept it. Meanwhile, Tom Haverford hunts down the mysterious businessman who is trying to put Rent-a-Swag out of business, whilst Ann and Chris settle into the next phase of their relationship.

Later on in the series, Leslie struggles to keep her new job on the Council and goes head to head with the obnoxious Councilman Jamm once again, plans are announced for the merger of Pawnee and the rival neighbouring town of Eagleton, which doesn't go down well with anyone, and Jerry (now known as Larry) comes out of retirement to become the Parks' department filer.

Other Series 6 highlights include Leslie attempting to create a new town slogan but running afoul of local shock jocks, Ron attempting to destroy every piece of evidence of his existence after receiving a junk mail flier and Tom meeting someone actually willing to fund his idea for a restaurant, Tom's Bistro.

Plus (spoiler alert!) two of the show regulars leave Pawnee to start a new life in a new town.

Pawnee Office gossip!

When Leslie, Ron, Andy and Ben visit London at the start of Series 6, Andy Dwyer stays on in England attending to Sweetum's charity work for some time before finally returning to Pawnee.

The real reason for this was down to actor Chris Pratt's commitments with filming superhero sci-fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy, meaning his character had to be absent from much of the early part of the series. In fact, the trip to London was written in to the show as the movie was in production there and it was the only way to get Chris to appear in the show for the early episodes.

And, if you can't imagine 'Andy Dwyer' as an action movie star, you might at least have noticed that Andy's physique had changed somewhat from the porky layabout we know and love. The explanation on the show was that Andy had lost 50 pounds after giving up beer - whilst in reality, Chris had undergone a gruelling exercise regime to get in shape for the part in the film.

If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, by the way, go and see it right now because it's very good. It's a bit like Parks and Rec but with more explosions and talking raccoons.

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