Top 10 most memorable Never Mind the Buzzcocks guests

Never since Cheggars Plays Pop has a music quiz show been so jam-packed with popsters. Here's Dave's star turns.

Stephen Fry

10. Lemmy

The lead singer of rock veterans Motörhead paid the show a visit way back in around 200 BC when Mark Lamarr was hosting Series 3. Unusually, the Lord of rock excess was strangely quiet throughout the show but, after twigging that Mark's (and most of the other panellists) jokes were aimed at him, he walked off the set. Unfortunately, his dramatic exit was undermined slightly by the fact that the show had finished the main recording and only retakes were being shot. Timing is everything.

9. Simon Le Bon

It was a rare, er, treat for Phill Jupitus to get to perform a Duran Duran song with Simon Le Bon (borrowed from the other team like some kind of onion in Ready Steady Cook). Simon wasn’t so impressed though, barking at Phill that he was getting it all mixed up like Alan Partridge’s "stop getting Bond wrong" moment. As Phill said, "you’re not on your yacht now, Simon."

8. Josh Groban

Who'd have thought that such an obscenely successful cheesemeister would have proved such a hit on Buzzcocks? The 'You Raise Me Up' singing sensation seemed completely unflapped by Amstell and was more than willing to muck in with proceedings with an endearingly goofy charm, laced with just the right hint of irony. His plea, at Simon's bequest, to urge the good people of Britain NOT to buy his latest album proved a high point.

7. Ryan Jarman

Ryan Jarman of indie rockers The Cribs proved to be comedy gold on his appearance but it was his claim to have invented Live Aid that caused the biggest stir. Not least because he’d have been five at the time. His knack for a melody’s nowt compared to his storytelling skills, but we’d love to see him and Geldof going toe to toe in a debate. C’mon the Jarman.

6. Stephen Fry

We never thought we’d see Stephen Fry discussing the merits of Akon, or saying ‘hippety hop’. We never thought we’d hear him talk about ‘recto-vaginal insertion’ either, but that’s what Buzzcocks can do to even the most proper of guests. Next week, Richard Dawkins plays air guitar to Marilyn Manson while simulating sex with a Shirley Temple lookalike.

5. Jamelia

The R&B singer is far too nice to mock, so instead Amstell concentrated on the other guests. Unfortunately though, Jamelia still didn't escape unscathed because his jokes made her laugh so much that it gave her a hernia. Causing physical injury through humour is surely the greatest accolade a comedian can receive.

4. Anthony Costa

If Buzzcocks has a natural prey it is the boyband member, and any that are brave enough to appear on the show are usually dealt with in a suitable manner. Anthony Costa from Blue was no exception and was subjected to one of the most sustained periods of ribbing ever recorded. Towards the end of the show Costa simply gave up trying to answer back to the torrent of questioning and simply replied: "Yes Simon" to everything the presenter threw at him. You almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

3. Donny Tourette

The posh punk-rocking front man of The Towers of London provided Amstell with an almost un-missable target when he appeared on Buzzcocks. Usually Amstell has to coax his guests into speaking, but Tourette wanted to be centre of attention from the off. First he tried to humiliate professional comedian Bill Bailey, with predictably imploding results. Then he turned on the studio audience, accusing them of not being sharp enough for his jokes. This is a man with a very low embarrassment threshold.

2. Amy Winehouse

When you book one of the most controversial women in music to appear on your show, you expect controversy. Winehouse did not disappoint and very soon it became apparent that the singer had taken full advantage of the free booze in the green room. Amstell, being a personal friend, made an appeal for her to sober up but Winehouse laughed it off and went on to declare that she would rather have 'cat aids' then do a duet with Katie Melua.

1. Samuel Preston

Preston's brief appearance on Buzzcocks has gone down in the quiz show history books, and even made the news at the time. The newly married pop star stormed off the set like a big girl's blouse after Amstell read extracts from his wife Chantelle Houghton's autobiography. With one team now a man down, the producers recruited a member of the studio audience who proved to be much more game for a laugh. Afterwards Preston was quoted as saying that if he was in any other situation, "he would have hit him."

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