What is BAMMA?

Two world title fights top-off an action-packed card headlined by Heavyweights - UK's Brett 'The Spartan' McDermott Vs Germany's Ruben 'The Viking' Wolf - live. Dave's live coverage of the evening's events from 9pm - 11pm.


All the action and commentary across the evening will be led by seasoned MMA presenter Andy Shepherd. Each clash will be made up of 3 x 5 minute rounds with 60" breaks between.

The co-main event will be MMA World Middleweight championship fight, between Yannick 'Black Mamba' Bahati and Matt 'Farmer Boy' Hallam. Former MMA professional Paddy Holohan will also present some of the action across the evening.


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McDermott is one of the nation's most feared Heavyweights. With huge punching power and an attacking style designed to KO opponents, 12 May offers McDermott his greatest ever prize in MMA - the coveted BAMMA Heavyweight Title.

His equally as powerful and motivated German opponent, Wolf travels to Birmingham with the sole intention of defeating both McDermott and the hometown crowd and returning to Germany with the Heavyweight belt in hand.

A taste of the action...

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