Get to know The Hoff

It’s been a long time since David Hasselhoff hit it big with Baywatch, Knight Rider and singing at the Berlin Wall, but things haven’t gone well since. Will a move to the UK help reignite his career?

Hoff The Record

Hoff The Record, a brand new and exclusive comedy for Dave, follows international TV megastar David Hasselhoff - playing a vastly fictionalised version of himself - as he arrives in the UK in the hope of reigniting his, shall we say, stagnating career.

At the height of his career he was the most famous celebrity in the world. He rose to superstardom with Baywatch and Knight Rider, he looked good in red shorts and was best friends with a talking car. He even helped bring down the Berlin Wall in 1989.

But 25 years later, five divorces, some misguided career decisions and bankruptcy has left The Hoff at rock bottom. So, he packs up his troubles in an old KITT bag with hopes a move across the Atlantic will get his career back on track and help him regain the glory of his former days.

Hoff still expects the Hollywood treatment, of course, and continues to act like an A-lister. But the 1980's and 90's were a long time ago. Times have changed and he's confronted by a world that has moved on.

The Hoff in groundbreaking drama Baywatch

The Hoff in groundbreaking drama Baywatch

Nevertheless, things seem positive when his UK manager Max Coleman (Fergus Craig) promises Hoff a starring role in an experimental biopic of his life. Things don't get off to the best of starts however when he gets the low-budget treatment upon his arrival from Hollywood.

He's got a PA who's never been a PA before, a foul-mouthed, star-struck driver and a manager nowhere to be seen. Oh, and this 'starring role' is actually an audition. The Hoff has to audition to play David Hasslehoff.

Unsurprisingly, Hoff clashes with the young directed and disgruntled tasks his manager to find him something more worthy of his talents, everything from fronting a charity to becoming a global peacemaker.

The Hoff in futuristic drama Knight Rider, from the past

The Hoff in futuristic drama Knight Rider, from the past

The Hoff himself said: "When I made Baywatch I dreamed of one day having my own show on a channel named after me. Hoff The Record is coming soon to the UK, only on Dave. They did name the channel after me, right...?"

See Hoff The Record every Thursday at 9pm.

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