Episode 1 'Death Hoax'

Episode 1 'Death Hoax'

After an internet rumour that Hoff has died sweeps through the internet and news channels, Hoff and Max are seduced by the positive global publicity that comes in it's wake.

Seizing the moment, Max comes up with a plan to cash in on Hoff's newfound popularity.  His idea is for Hoff to lay low in Terry's Uncle's suburban house, whilst Max negotiates new deals for a Hoff Musical and a Greatest Hits collection. Harriet is assigned to deal with Hoff's aggressive and attention seeking ex-wife Crystal (3 out of 5) who has come over from LA to make the most of the media opportunities arising from Hoff's presumed death.

Max's plan is threatened by an inquisitive Danny who is determined not to give up Hoff so organises a search party near the reservoir where he was last seen.  Glued to the television coverage in Uncle Ron's house, Hoff forgets why he is cooped up, and is unable to stay away from the limelight of the candlelit vigil that Crystal has organised. Everything backfires, Crystal uncovers the plan and holds Hoff to ransom, the hoax is revealed, and Hoff is suddenly public enemy no.1. 

Press summary

In the first episode, Max (Fergus Craig) capitalises on a rumour that Hoff has died to make money. With sales of Hoff's albums rising, Hoff goes into hiding in Watford. But when Hoff's ex wife (Tracy Ann Oberman) stages a vigil in his memory, he finds it hard to stay out of the limelight without blowing his cover.

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