About Flip Men

Meet the estate agents that are so tough - they buy houses without seeing them first!

Flip Men

Following a pair of larger-than-life estate agents in Salt Lake City, the Flip Men may look like scary bouncers, but they are actually two rather nice guys working hard and taking risks to transform dilapidated properties into marketable money-makers.

Mike Baird and Doug Clark scour the region for foreclosed houses, taking gambles on properties so they can turn them around for a tidy profit. Follow them as they buy homes - sight unseen - at property auctions, enter newly acquired properties and discover the challenges that lay ahead in renovating them and bringing them to market.

And there are challenges… many, many challenges. Once they take down the boards, they're never quite sure what they’re going to find, or how they’re going to turn it into a property worth living in.

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